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Registration of industrial designs in the Russian Federation

Registration of industrial designs in the Russian Federation



Industrial design is a resolution on the appearance of an industrial or handmade product. Furniture, jewelry, vehicles, household items, household appliances, toys, drawings on fabrics, packaging of various goods and even architectural objects can all become industrial designs. To obtain legal protection, the industrial design must be registered.
1352 Note. In accordance with Article 1352 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the key requirements for registration include the novelty and originality of the industrial design in terms of its essential features. In this case , novelty is considered from the point of view of what was publically available in the world before the priority date of the sample.
For whom

For whom

Registration of industrial designs is important for manufacturers of various goods, especially those that are outwardly original. According to the World Intellectual Property Organization, industrial designs “enhance the commercial value of a product and its market value”, and design protection “helps to ensure a fair return on investment”*.


Our company provides a range of services related to the registration of industrial designs and their subsequent support in the Russian Federation. These services include the following:
  • assessment of the patentability of industrial design ;
  • conducting preliminary searches;
  • filing an application for registration of industrial design ;
  • replying to inquiries and notifications from Rospatent examination;
  • extending the period of validity of a patent for the industrial design;
  • amending the patent for industrial design.

* WIPO (2020). Industrial designs. Available at:

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