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The practical side of intellectual property law is relevant for representatives of creative and other professions, because every day writers, musicians, photographers, artists create new works, and marketers develop new brands.

Our company offers training programs in several areas.


For creative people, master classes on copyright protection for texts, music, photographs, drawings, designs, films and other objects may be of interest. We offer similar seminars for software developers.

Example.Vadim Uskov gave a lecture entitled “Copyright in the work of a photojournalist” for the Y.A. Halperin Faculty of Photojournalists. Vadim introduced the audience to the position of copyright in the intellectual property system and explained how copyright is created and protected and how such protection can be secured in relation to a specific author.


For marketers, we organize programs dedicated to the process of creating and promoting new brands from a legal point of view. We constantly communicate with marketers, so we understand the specifics of their work. In this regard, an emphasis on developing a brand that should not violate the rights of third parties and which is planned to be registered as a trademark in the future will be important in this regard. In addition, topics such as brand portfolio management and advertising campaigns are covered in detail during training.

Example.We conducted training for the marketing department staff of a large retail chain that has trademarks for store services and “private labels ” for various products. The participants discussed the preliminary search for symbols, the choice of the optimal symbols for registration as marks, the risks associated with one or another (un)use of marks, and much more.


Our company regularly provides support to various franchisors and franchisees. For franchisors, we develop contracts, for franchisees, we check the contracts proposed for signing. In the course of this work, our team organizes training for the franchisee so that the requirements of the franchisor under the contract are understandable and fulfilled without difficulties for any of the parties to the franchise relationship.

Example.Vadim Uskov regularly speaks at the BuyBrand international exhibition of franchises, where he talks about frequent problem situations in the relationship between the franchisor and the franchisee and how they can be resolved and even avoided.

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