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Uskov & Partners is a law firm specializing in the safeguarding and protection of intellectual property. The company was founded in 1998 and today has two offices — in Moscow and St. Petersburg.


At Uskov & Partners we work with copyright and related rights, trademarks, trade names, industrial designs and trade secrets (know-how). In addition, our team leads projects related to domain names, unfair competition and business reputation.

We divide services into two groups — safeguarding and protection of intellectual property, in some cases it is important to secure the rights to intellectual property objects (to ensure protection), in others it is necessary to protect your rights if they are violated by third parties.


The key staff of Uskov & Partners has remained unchanged for many years, which allows us to maintain and improve the chosen approach to solving problems.

Employees of Uskov & Partners have work experience not only in other law firms, but also in marketing agencies, manufacturing companies and retail. This helps us to take into account the interests of the client in the course of the project. Some of our colleagues have worked at Rospatent, which makes it possible to model the associated risks even better, for example, with the registration of intellectual property.


The experience of Uskov & Partners shows that the most important element in our activity is a systematic approach to solving issues, taking into account the client's activities, as well as showing flexibility and mutual respect both in relations with clients and within the company.

On the main page of the site, we have cited the Latin expression “Abundans cautela non nocet”, which means “Excessive caution does not hurt.” We chose it because we constantly strive to simulate risks in any projects, using a non-standard approach and innovative ideas. All of this helps to think over the problem many times and choose the most suitable solution for it.